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Bookshelf Update: The Ascent of Money

In Bookshelf on Fri 7 Jan 2011 at 09:52
  • Adding The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson to my Bookshelf.
  • The work is densely historical, but worthy of #5 in my Top Books.

Last week, I finished The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World by Niall Ferguson. The work is densely historical (and even pretentious at times), but the historical impetus was exactly what I wanted.

Back in college, my Bachelors Degree in Economics buried me in theories and models. When I hit Wall Street ground zero, those models were a helpful foundation, but they proved too clunky, too objective for practical application. Capital Markets demand better instincts and quicker reflexes, so I started self-educating. A graduate degree is one means of knowledge landgrab, but I trust in the Market itself as the best educator for traders and PMs.

A masterful investor emerses himself in the Market first, but he must also find the spare time to study it from afar. One thing I quickly learned was to form my opinions from the news & from the Market itself, not from analysts, pundits, or other hearsay. Thus, Mr. Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money–a factual piece–neatly fits my ceaseless curriculum.

As advertised, it provides A Financial History of the World by documenting the maturation of five financial elements, followed by a prognostic postlogue:

  1. Credit & Loan Networks- the foundation of civilizations.
  2. Bond Markets- the master of the universe.
  3. Stocks- bubbles & busts.
  4. Insurance- catastrophe protections & the welfare state.
  5. Housing- the privatisation of state-owned assets & mortgage fundamentalism.
  6. Chimerica (postlogue)- the history of globalizations.

I highly recommend it as a fundamental building block for anyone intrigued by finance.


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