Diary of a Financier

Opened Trade: Long Pfizer, Trimmed Nuance position

In Capital Markets on Fri 7 Jan 2011 at 16:07
  • Bought PFE @ 18.27
  • Trimmed NUAN long position

I did a lot of tracking and analyzing Pfizer (PFE) this week, then it all culminated with my scaling into a stake throughout the day.  I’m done buying at this point, so I’ll enter the close with an average cost basis @ $18.27.

The recent action in PFE has been splendid, and it’s even distinguished the stock from its bullish bretheren in the Healthcare industry.  It’s kept the wind at its back in maintaining a bullish long-term trend (per the weekly chart), now the daily chart is firmly bullish:

PFE daily


Finally, I realized a portion of our substantial gains in Nuance Communication (NUAN) @ $19.50 this morning.  I sold to cover our original principal, leaving our gains on the table in an attempt to capture the upside between here & resistance at $21.  Given the bullish weekly & monthly trends, I think $21 is attainable for NUAN:

NUAN weekly- Resistance @ $21


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