Diary of a Financier

Keep a Level Head

In Existential on Fri 11 Mar 2011 at 08:56

I had a Little League coach who always told us, “Don’t get too high on the highs, don’t get too low on the lows, keep your emotions in the middle.”  In that vein, I have to post this excerpt from Jesse’s Cafe Americain last night (my emphasis):

And before we all walk around with puss faces about the ‘losses’ from the heights of our recent gains in the metals, keep in mind how well we all are doing overall.

A smackdown in the metals keeps our heads from growing too big for our bodies to hold up. The gains are always due to our genius of course, and the ‘losses,’ well those must be due to bad advice from somewhere else, or some similarly irrelevant superstitious thing. We seek to explain the ups and downs where the explanation is so obvious: things go up and down, and never straight up. Is the primary trend broken? Not yet. Have the fundamentals changed? No, not at all.

To be strong you have to own your trades. I had to learn this lesson the hard way, and chances are you will too. The greatest curse is an early and easy success, and the euphoria of thinking we are greater than we really are.

This is why it is better not to be a trader, because you cannot afford the dues, and if you are successful, you will see the darker sides of human nature and face temptations that are almost overwhelming, especially in times of general apostasy.

Take your positions and hold them, without leverage, and with realistic expectations. And then go do the things that you are well suited to do, and address the needs of your family and your friends, and enjoy what you have, the gifts of life and God’s tender mercies. And when you need the occasional wake up call, He will provide that too.

Nothing to add.




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