Diary of a Financier

Waiting for an Entry: The Churchill Corp.

In Capital Markets on Mon 21 Mar 2011 at 20:34
The Churchill Corp (CUQ-T): Canadian Heavy Construction Company. 
  •  Cash position isn’t enormous- C$2.94 cps, C$3.15 cfps (PCF ~6.10, expected to increase dramatically); due to recent acquisitions of Stuart Olson/Dominion, Canem/Seacliff, and Broda.
  • EPS growth since 2006 is legit; stable through global recession.  EPS/Revenue estimates through 2012 present no risk either:

CUQ-T EPS since 2000
  • Daily chart about to test resistance, I’ll buy on such a confirmation of a bull-trend rally:

CUQ-T daily- bear trend since 3/2010. Bullish indicators awaiting confirmation to take the price out of this consolidating wedge and into a new bull trend to test $22, $23.50, beyond!?

  • Weekly chart hanging on, but I’m alarmed by the MFI collapse:

CUQ-T weekly- bull trend since 10/2008. MACD holding support, but an alarming MFI collapse.




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