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The “Fukushima Fifty”

In Existential on Thu 24 Mar 2011 at 08:12
  • Heroes: 50 low- to mid-level managers from TEPCO continue laboring to repair the damaged Fukushima Daishi nuclear plant.
  • Estimated 5 dead, 15 injured, unknow lethal radiation exposure.

The Japanese are a noble peoples, with an uncommon sense of duty & patriotism.  Not only Japan, but the world is indebted to these heroes, who are working around the clock at the Fukushima Daiishi nuclear plant.  It gives me chills to even read about it–nevermind see the pictures.  I encourage everyone to head over to the Daily Mail to read the whole article, pictures included.  Excerpts presented without further commentary:

Despite sweltering heat from the damaged reactors, they must work in protective bodysuits to protect their skin from the poisonous radioactive particles that fill the air around them.

But as more radiation seeps into the atmosphere minute by minute, they know this job will be their last.

Five are believed to have already died and 15 are injured while others have said they know the radiation will kill them.

The original 50 brave souls were later joined by 150 colleagues and rotated in teams to limit their exposure to the radiation spewing from over-heating spent fuel rods after a series of explosions at the site. They were today joined by scores more workers.

Japan has rallied behind the workers with relatives telling of heart-breaking messages sent at the height of the crisis.

A woman said her husband continued to work while fully aware he was being bombarded with radiation. In a heartbreaking email, he told his wife: ‘Please continue to live well, I cannot be home for a while.’

One girl tweeted in a message translated by ABC: ‘My dad went to the nuclear plant, I’ve never seen my mother cry so hard. People at the plant are struggling, sacrificing themselves to protect you. Please dad come back alive.’

But it is becoming even more pressing that the Fukushima succeed after it was revealed today that Tokyo’s tap water has been contaminated by unusual levels of radiation.

–Romeo (hattip Tyler Durden)


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