Diary of a Financier

From the Trading Desk: Trade Reconciliation (Week of September 26)

In Trading Desk on Sun 2 Oct 2011 at 06:40

I’m tired of this story line. Impossible Germany, Unlikely Beijing.

I wasn’t exactly sure if I should acknowledge the #Occupy protests across the country too. It’s not that I have strong feelings pro or con; it’s more that #Occupy feels like that streaker at the nationally broadcast ballgame… It’s spectacular to root for a streaker as he hastens just to come face to face with the multi-million dollar centerfielder. You just know security will catch him before he even gets there, and he doesn’t actually have a plan if he were to reach his goal. The whole time, you feel like you really should turn away and avert your eyes, and even the TV cameras–in a sudden stroke of media “morality”–won’t acknowledge the scene.


I’m still unsure whether #Occupy will materialize as the benevolent voice of the oppressed populace or some smash-mouth “Operation Mayhem” JV between Tyler Durden & Anonymous. (C’mon, those peeps would work well together, wouldn’t they?) If the former, then theirs will be a faithful test of what remains of this Republic–literally, res publica after all. My instinct tells me they are indeed the former, in which case I hope they’ll be able to maintain emotional equilibrium and not succumb to the forthcoming bait of the plutocrats. Persistent civil disobedience prevails where anarchy discredits.

Other than that, straight to the trade rec this week; not much else to say that I haven’t already said…




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