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Bookshelf Update: Top Newsstuffs (Week of December 12)

In Bookshelf on Sun 18 Dec 2011 at 21:00

I’m just raining links on you this week:

Everyone Is About To Make The Same Mistake They Made In March 2009 | Business Insider

New Bull Market in 12-18 Months | Tobias Levkovich

Six forces, including a housing recovery and energy independence, will align to spark the start of a bull market at some point during the next 12-18 months. I actually agree with much of this.

US Short-Term Interest Rates (1831-2011) | Jim Bianco

Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice | The Big Picture

“In 1983 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies; in 2011, 90% is owned by only 6 companies.” MSM in a nutshell.

Fitch: comprehensive euro zone deal beyond reach | Reuters

Germany’s Hidden Risk | Businessweek

Target2 talk goes main-stream: “If the euro zone breaks into sorry little pieces, Germany could possibly lose its entire €495 billion claim… This may be the largest threat keeping Germany within the Eurozone.”

Is The Euro On The Brink Of Collapse? | Jim Bianco

Merde! Chinese Wines Did What to French Wines? | testosterone pit

EFSF updated term sheet | SeekingAlpha

32% of the fund’s capital to be contributed by Italy and Spain, and let’s not even get started with France (page 11). Debt can be re-hypothecated over and over too (page 7).

Dow Industrials Long Term Channel | The Big Picture

How Germany is paying for the Eurozone crisis anyway | FT Alphaville

TARGET2 European payment system automatically balances funds among EMU surplus/deficit National Central Banks.  The Bundesbank is the largest creditor to other NCBs, but the demand on them in 2011 has left Bundesbank with few marketable assets to sell toward financing continued demand. (Evidenced by decline of German assets on Bundesbank’s books.)

The Hole | The Reformed Broker

But the owl replied, “No. I saw a hole in the Man, deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking, until one day the World will say, ‘I am no more and I have nothing left to give.'” –Apocalypto

Swiss, Germans Set To Unleash Capital Controls As European Companies Prepare For Euro End | ZeroHedge





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