Diary of a Financier

Chinese Real Estate Developer Selling Sex, Literally

In Idiosyncrasy on Wed 11 Jan 2012 at 16:39

I’m going to submit this entry with as little commentary as possible, so as not to sully the moral and economic insolvency that’s taking China by storm. A simple excerpt from an article by Week In China says it all:

According to the Real Estate Times, a developer in Beijing has promised each female sales employee a bonus of RMB80,000 if they agree to become the girlfriend of a homebuyer. In a country with lots of empty apartments and plenty of frustrated bachelors, the commercial logic is solid enough, even if the moral premise might need a rethink.

Wuhahahah, buy a house and we’ll whore out our employees as girlfriends for you. Check out the whole article here:




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