Diary of a Financier

Cycle of Psychology: Excitement

In Capital Markets on Wed 27 Mar 2013 at 11:15

For those tracking the Investor’s Cycle of Psychology, we’ve now transgressed beyond that significant grey area between Optimism and Excitement. Investor Cycle of PsychologyThe former was achieved when “Dow 14,000” hit headlines. You’ll recognize the latter as the rubber stamp on this cyclical bull market once SPX hits all time highs [proximately]. The follow though–transcendence from Excitement to Thrill–should occur this year too, when the market bumps & runs higher at an even steeper pitch.


  1. […] is fairly/fully valued doesn’t mean that it won’t push the envelope as psychology transcends excitement en route to thrill.  Fundamentally, the macro resonance from a lending jumpstart would […]

  2. […] With these longer term demons slain, the rally in risk assets can proceed towards Thrill and Euphoria. […]

  3. […] a +1.2% SPX rally on the heels of today’s upbeat jobs report, are we transcending Excitment for Thill on the Investor’s Cycle of Psychology?  Not quite yet, but soon.  (I […]

  4. […] found in my multistrategy assessment; things like credit spreads, inflation expectations, sentiment/psychology, growth vs value, and long term technicals are all consistant with the 2006 analogue, so I’ll […]

  5. […] of Psychology- As I said back in March, “You’ll recognize [Excitement] as the rubber stamp on this cyclical bull […]


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