Diary of a Financier

Squawk Box (June 16-22)

In Trading Desk on Sat 21 Jun 2014 at 06:43

Here’s my weekly “trade & thought reconciliation”… 

$DISH bearish: daily diamond top (or bull pennant?) w 2x bear divgc; very rich valutn, valued for takeover w 4.75 FwPEG.
#M&A #Fundamentals
2014.06.18 @ 10:47

$AMZN (326.3) bearish, add @ sppt: 15min diamond top brkdwn may complete daily LT H&S R shldr w nkline sppt > $285.
2014.06.17 @ 14:17

$CG bot @ $33.7: 15min bull flag brkout w 2x bull divgce; daily LT C&H w $38 rim & 2x bull divgce; wkly bullish.
2014.06.17 @ 11:40

$BAC sold some @ $15.45 (+32% TR), take gains & reduce to 1% position.
2014.06.17 @ 11:37

$CRTO ($35) watch: 15min H&S top will bnce/brkdwn @ $34.5 nkline sppt; daily ST bull channl after brkouts fm ST H&S btm & LT fallng wedge.
2014.06.17 @ 11:17

$IWV (116) watch: 1min symm wedge 2day; 15min bear flag w 3x LT bull divgc; dly ST risng wdge at restce w/in LT bull chnnl; wkly bull revrsl
2014.06.16 @ 17:39

$SPY (194.3) watch: 1min symm wedge 2day; 15min bear flag; daily risng wedge false brkout after restce-cum-sppt faild 6/12; wkly bull revrsl
2014.06.16 @ 17:28

$KBE (32.9) & $KRE (39.6) bearish: daily H&S tops falling off R shoulders toward nklines.
2014.06.16 @ 10:34


N.B. For consolidated stream, view my Squawk Box.



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