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Top reads from the week that was…


Rail traffic weekly (Week 37, 2014) | Association of American Railroads (AAR)
Rally continues to wane, settling-in at a healthy +3% trend.
As I mentioned last week, volumes are comp-ing off a reasonably high base from 2013, which will get more difficult over this week & next, particularly for autoparts, which collapsed last week.
Coal (38% of total volume) still weighing on overall performance:
Weekly traffic: -0.4pp @ +3.1% yoy
Growth rate: unch @ +4.5% ytd
Carload groups: 6 of 10 posted gains for the week yoy
    Petroleum: +29.9%
    Minerals: +9.7
    Metals: +6.3
    Forestry: +5.9
    Motor vehicles/parts: +0.2
    Grain: -3.7
    Coal: -3.8
    Farming: -3.9
#Bullish $XLE $USO $XME $DBA $XLI

Inflation: Consumer Price Index (August 2014) | Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Inflation misses expectations, dipping below Fed’s 2.0% target:
Headline CPI: -0.3pp @ +1.7% yoy, -0.2% mom (misses unch consensus); dragged down by energy -2.6% mom
Core CPI (ex food & energy): -0.2 @ +1.7 yoy, unch mom (misses +0.2e)


Technicals: S&P 500 record highs despite NASDAQ/Russell 2000 bear markets | Bloomberg
While large caps are at alltime highs, other styles & sectors are in bear markets (-20%); so much for equal-weighted indexing:
S&P 500 ($SPY): 6% of stocks in bear market
Nasdaq Comp ($QQQ): 47% of stocks in bear market
Russell 2000 ($IWM): 40% of stocks in bear market
[Previously: Internal correction sees average stock in bear market]
#Market breadth

Quant study: Secular bull will continue rally, but watch for signs of a market top | Tom Lee (Fundstrat Global Advisors, formerly JP Morgan)
Lee is bullish, with “multiyear gains ahead for US equities”:
1. Pent-up demand
2. Delevered balance sheets: household, corporate & banks have deleveraged [Counterpoint: corporations have more than fully releveraged]
3. Stocks’ relative value: “There is no alternative (TINA)”
4. Low investor confidence
Watch for these signals of a top that historically precede a bubble burst:
1. Investment/GDP¹: currently 23% vs 28% extreme ($800B difference)
2. Corporate profit growth: SPX EPS average +53% growth from prior peak (@ $141 EPS)
3. Yield curve inversion: 10s30s invert (spread currently +75bps)
4. Relative valuations: SPX earnings yield falls -130bps under normalized bond yields (currently +300bps)
[Previously: The complete guide to corrections/bull/bear markets & Bubble checklist]


Investor sentiment survey (2014.09.17) | American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
Sentiment gently bounces back into extreme levels:
Bull/Bear ratio: +31bps @ 1.83 (vs 1.28 historical average & 1.8 extreme high)
Bullish: +1.9pp wow @ 42.2% (vs 39.0 avg & 45 extreme high)
Bearish: -3.6 @ 23.0 (vs 30.5 avg & 25 extreme low)
Neutral: +1.8 @ 34.8 (vs 30.5 avg)
Measures respondents’ expectation for equity performance over next 6 months (through 3/2015).
[Previously: Margin debt at extreme highs]
#Bearish #Contrarian #Procyclical

Global fund manager allocation survey (September 2014) | Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML)
Bonds & cash reach extremes, but equity allocations still modest.
Net portfolio positioning of global PMs (60/30/10 benchmark):
Equity: +3pp @ +47% net (vs +55% extreme)
Bonds: -2 @ -60 (at -60 extreme)
Cash: -0.5 @ +4.6 (near 4.5 extreme)
Europe: +5 @ +18; bounces after July’s crash from a postcrisis record @ 35


How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream fucked-up my life (at first) | Medium
Even though he succeeded after 2 years, this founder wasn’t prepared for the misery of his startup, and he offers some truth about entrepreneurship that’s often lost in Survivorship Biases:
1. You can’t care about what others think: The social pressure from friends & family is intense, because you’re alienated from non-entrepreneurs who don’t understand your lifestyle
2. Be single or have an extremely supportive partner: The commitment to your startup monopolizes your time & attention
3. Have 3 years’ worth of cash flow saved: Hidden costs like accountants & lawyers burn cash faster than anyone’s business plan, requiring austerity from your personal life
4. Prepare for no sleep: Painful days, sleepless nights, constant rejection & failure
5. Define success before you start: Is your goal monetary or work/life balance?

Mobile payments: The opportunity among “unbanked” consumers | Re/code
Some data regarding the market for mobile banking, focusing on “unbanked” people who don’t have access to a bank account or debit/credit cards:
Unbanked Americans: 22% of population (68mm adults) vs 90% with mobile phones
Unbanked global: 35% of population (2.5B adults) vs 85% with mobile phones
[In light of Apple Pay announcement with iPhone 6.]
#Money under the mattress #Startup #Entrepreneur #Peer-to-Peer (P2P)


¹Investment = CapEx + durable goods + construction spending

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