Diary of a Financier

Squawk Box (October 20 – November 9)

In Trading Desk on Sat 8 Nov 2014 at 06:48

Here’s my weekly “trade & thought reconciliation”…

$RDC 23.6 bullish: “Q3 earnings beat & FY15 guidance meet is good news for offshore drillers” seekingalpha.com/news/2096705-r…
2014.11.05 @ 16:17

$SPY 200.8 watch: daily diamond top nearing peak ~$204 w 2x MFI bear divergence within LT bull channel.
2014.11.04 @ 13:49

$OIH 44.3 bearish: daily bear pennant w $41 flagpole sppt; a lot of bear flags awaiting brkdwn in singlenames too… $GDP a harbinger?
2014.11.03 @ 16:14

$SJNK 29.8 bullish: daily H&S btm @ Rshldr sppt w $30 nkline restce & 2x MFI bull divgce.
2014.11.03 @ 16:11




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