Diary of a Financier

Squawk Box (December 22 – January 18)

In Trading Desk on Sat 17 Jan 2015 at 08:59

Here’s my weekly “trade & thought reconciliation”…

…also, considr relative sprds (as opposed to absolute), given #ZIRP.
2s10s ycharts.com/indicators/210…
10s30s ycharts.com/indicators/30_…
2015.01.17 @ 00:13

Treasury yield curve is steeper than you think…
2s10s @ 133bps vs 96 avg;
10s30s @ 63bps vs 31 avg.
2015.01.17 @ 00:13

On the future of a decentralized internet (after the centralized, before the distributed): tcrn.ch/1BM71HN
2015,01,10 @ 21:59

RT @balajis: The new @genius lets you put genius.com in front of any URL to annotate it: genius.com/www.federalres…
2015.01.07 @ 17:45

African median ages by country @conradhackett: “For comparison, the median age in the U.S. is 37”
2015.01.06 @ 00:30

$FEYE 33.3 watch to buy brkout or brkdwn: 15min fulcrum top w $33.9 restce & 1x bull revrsl; dly LT 4x bull revrsl & symm wedge brkout 12/19
2014.12.29 @ 12:47

RT @pmarca: The best (?) counterargument against Larry Summers’ secular stagnation thesis by @DavidBeckworth: washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog…
2014.12.27 @ 5:43




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