Diary of a Financier

Squawk Box (January 19 – February 1)

In Trading Desk on Sat 31 Jan 2015 at 05:49

Here’s my weekly “trade & thought reconciliation”…

$TWTR bot @ $36.5, half postn: 1min fulcrum btm brkout w 3x bull divgce; daily LT fulcrum btm @ nkline sppt w ST 4x bull divgce.
2015.01.29 @ 16:29

$FEYE bot @ $32.2: 15min bear trap under consolidn channl; daily LT symm wedge brkout w 4x bull divgce.
2015.01.29 @ 16:26

$YHOO after $BABA: Marissa Mayer’s “MAVENS” strategy (Mobile/Video/Native/Social advertising) begs for $TWTR acquistn
2015.01.28 @ 22:54

Deutsche Bank: “Twitter is like Facebook 2-3 yrs ago… one of the best mean-reversion ideas of 2015”

2015.01.25 @ 22:57

RT @conorsen: Loans and leases at commercial banks now growing north of 8% YoY:
#Bullish #Credit
2015.01.23 @ 17:49

$RDC (22.3) fleet status report: no new jackup rig contracts w 14 rolling-off in 2015 & 2 idle

2015.01.22 @ 10:17

ECB announces €60B/mo sovereign QE thru 2016YE (beats €50Be):
$EURUSD -125bps
$HEDJ +50bps
2015.01.22 @ 10:07

WSJ: ECB to announce €50B/mo sovereign QE; >€500Be
$FEZ +50bps
$EURUSD +60bps
2015.01.21 @ 10:28


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