Diary of a Financier

Innovation in content production vs consumption

In Idiosyncrasy, Tech on Mon 17 Oct 2016 at 07:03

The question below from Quora is a problem I think about a lot.  Part of the reason I post my weekly Top Newsstuffs is to distill all of the important investment data I collect down into a digestible format — not just for myself, but also for the public.

There are a lot of [false] investment inputs out there, so harvesting the efficacious signals amidst all the noise is a monumental chore.  Then, extracting the takeaway within each relevant report is another undertaking.  I just feel like it should be easier to both find what’s relevant and get to the point.

Does anyone have an answer for Quora?  Leave your answers here

There’s so much tech for producing content, but why hasn’t there been equivalent innovation for consuming it?

Blogs & social media have made it easy for anyone to produce content, but there hasn’t been proportional innovation to facilitate our consumption. The supply of new media is increasing so much faster than we can consume it, so why are all the real solutions for the production side, not consumption?




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